Best Gaming Keyboard – How Does It Affect Your Gaming Experience and How to Choose One?

Best gaming keyboard or not, wasn’t an important factor 10 years ago. When people were still playing single player games, a simple functional keyboard would do the tricks. All those classic computer games just need a handful of keys to control the characters and finish the game. But things are different right now; the entire gaming industry is leaning towards online gaming experience. It’s all about interaction between players around the world.

Are you a fan of World of Warcraft, Starcraft II or Half Life II? Look around and see how many people are playing games online, almost every single game in the market has online combat feature. It’s fun to play games online with friends or other people from different places, especially when you are competing with them. You feel some sort of achievement when you proved yourself to be better than another real life player, just like a sport. The experience is totally different from single player game, which you will be competing against AI player only. No more game pausing or using cheat code and you will have to adapt to the pace of the game.

In order to play really well in online games, aside from the actual skill you need to master in the game itself, there is one more important factor that would affect your gaming experience, which is by getting the best gaming keyboard in your gaming arsenal.

Why exactly is the reason that you need to get the best gaming keyboard instead of a normal keyboard and how does it affect you in-game? The reason is simple – it could win or lose you a game with one or two second difference, especially in a tournament match. To control and play better than another player, you would need a lot of programmable key bindings. Sometimes the normal keyboards just don’t have enough keys for you to macro your in-game spell, skill or command. It is extremely uncomfortable when you have to mouse over the skill and click it.

It has been widely discussed that if two players were competing against each other, loser would usually be the one who clicked with a mouse instead of using programmable macro keys. Imagine while you have to actually look at the screen and find the keys to click, the other player can easily press the macro keys without searching for it, who has the advantage? I think you know the answer.

Of course, you do not want a bad online gaming experience simply because of a keyboard that doesn’t provide the proper functions you need, right? So it is really important when you are choosing one for yourself. There are several things to take note while picking the best gaming keyboard available in the market:

Programmable Keys – Check if it has enough programmable keys for you to bind and use as single key presses or complex macros.

Keys Placement – You have to make sure the keyboard is suitable for right-handed or left-handed people and placement of the programmable keys so you could always reach the keys easily without having to actually look at the keyboard and slow down your response time in-game.

Backlit – Some gaming keyboards have color backlighting for you to easily locate the keys in the dark. This would come in handy for all-nighters.

Wired or Wireless? – Never go for a wireless gaming keyboard if you are competing online. You could lose your game with slight delayed in response time that could cause by interference from other devices such as cordless phone, mobile phone or wireless router.

Anti-Ghosting – One of the important factors in winning games. Some keyboards with extreme anti-ghosting features will be able to process simultaneous key presses, hence advantage to the gamers.

Ergonomics – It is very important to make sure that the keyboard has a proper ergonomic design to prevent repetitive strain injuries. A comfortable wrist pad will help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome especially when you play games for long hours. Do not take this lightly as it could lead to long-term disability.

Warranty – Make sure you check the warranty duration, which should vary from 1 to 5 years. Keep your receipt or any proof of purchase, just in case something goes wrong with the keyboard you could ask for a refund or replacement for free within the time frame.

Other Functions – Check if it has other useful functions such as LCD panel (display gaming stats, VOIP communication data or system information), headphone jacks, USB 2.0/3.0 etc. It is not necessary but it could come in handy at times.

It seems like a lot of stuff to look out for when choosing one, but it is not. You can always find out different gaming keyboard reviews on the internet. Find out what the buyers have to say about the product they bought and used, if 9 out of 10 people saying that the product is good, the chances are it is good, they can’t be all wrong, can they?

Once you have chosen a proper gaming keyboard, I assure you, your gaming experience will totally be different and I am sure that your in-game performance would improve greatly if you were not using one before.

As a matter of fact, you can’t control the quality of your broadband service, but you can choose the best gaming keyboard to increase your winning edge. Half of the battle is won if you equipped yourself with the right gear. Remember, a gladiator can’t win in arena without a proper weapon. So I urge you, get the best, beat the best and be the best!

Get Your Latest Game On-The-Go With Asus G73JWXA1 – The Best Gaming Laptop

What if someone told you that business people carry their laptops with them everywhere so that they could do their work on-the-go. You might respond “Well, that’s pretty obvious fact, right?” But consider this idea, hardcore gamers carry their laptops everywhere to be able to continue their last stage in Assassin Creeds on-the-go. I believe that at least 7 out of 10 people will respond by saying “Wait a second, are you seriously telling me that hardcore gamers will play their game in a laptop? Not a chance!” People used to think that laptops are for business people and have pretty decent (in other words, crappy) gaming capability and will be unable to render the latest game smoothly. Of course, that maybe true in the past. However, with the coming of Asus gaming laptop, the ROG G73JW-XA1, you should re-program your way of thinking.

Before that, let’s talk about what makes a perfect gaming laptop:

  1. Speedy processor
  2. Massive RAM memory
  3. High-performance graphic card
  4. Huge storage capacity
  5. Overclocking capability
  6. Other factors (cooling system, display, speakers, etc)

One question will arise, “Do Asus G73JWXA1 meets all the above requirements?” Well, in order to be able to answer that, let’s take a look at the following specifications:

  1. Intel i7-740QM quad-core processor
  2. 8GB DDR3 RAM
  3. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460M with 1.5GB of GDDR5 VRAM
  4. 1 Tera Byte hard-disk capacity
  5. Overclocking at a simple push of a button. Overclocking has never been this easy before!
  6. Asus G73JW-XA1 is equipped by the latest cooling system from Asus, a 17.3 inch LED-backlight screen and Altec Lansing speaker with EAX Advanced HD 4.0
  7. You even get a Razor mouse as bonus

All those high-end specifications will ensure that you will get nothing less than the best gaming experience and the best of all, everywhere you go. So, Is Asus G73JWXA1 truly the best gaming laptop available in the market? Just take a look at and you’ll find out that it’s listed as one of the bestselling laptop in, outselling even the popular MacBook. In the end, what are you still waiting for?